Managing Crises on the Job – An Interminable Journey of Fixing Medical Errors

by ‘Yinka Vidal, BS. MA. H.ASCP

  The Rest of the Book Chapters Cover the Following Topics

 Very Important: Identifying the missing and the most significant piece causing medical errors to continue after five years of solution intervention. It uncovers the reasons for the slow progress on medical errors and how to fix them

 An overview of a 27-year journey of fixing medical errors

 Solving the mystery of medical errors

 Seven stages of correcting medical errors

 Process Redesign: Breaking through the shells of medical errors

 Dealing with human emotion being one of the biggest obstacles to progress on medical errors

 Chronicles: Many chapters dealing with the day-to-day operation of running a task force committee to fix medical errors.

 Challenges facing attempts to design and implement solutions to medical errors

 Dealing with a moment of crisis

 Divine intervention at a moment of crisis

 Identifying a problem resolution phase

 The crisis of human passion as expressed in motivations and emotions

 Dangerous situations and moments of madness

 77 rules of human goodness and new work ethics

 This study is reported in a book: Managing Crises on the Job: An Interminable Journey to Fixing Medical Errors by Yinka Vidal, ISBN # 0-9640818-3-0 Published by Lara Publications, due for release in summer 2004.

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