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101 Ways to Prevent Errors – Kindle Edition - $2.99

This is a very valuable book discussing effective strategies to reduce medical errors in healthcare facilities and hospital across the nation.

The book offers effective tools to help identify systemic failures while using frontline workers to help identify problems along the process line and ways to design and implement effective strategies.

Many of the hospital quality improvement officers who are currently using the book find it very valuable and effective in solution intervention.

The book is so valuable for lab managers, it has been sold on websites from $130 to $300! The original price is $42.75




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How to Prevent Hospital from Killing You – Kindle Edition - $2.99

How to Prevent a Hospital from Killing You: Echoes of Innocent Blood is a book that exposes many shocking irregularities behind the walls of hospitals kept away from the public, and leading to many medical errors and patients’ deaths. The book educates consumers about many systemic failures inside hospitals, how to identify them, and how a patient can prevent himself or herself from being a victim of medical mishaps.

The report is from an observational study and solution implementation programs to fix medical errors in various healthcare institutions from a period of 36 years. The book discusses over 100 issues leading to patients’ harm, negligence, and medical errors. The shocking report exposes how some hospitals refuse to fix systemic failures causing patients’ death. It shows how other hospitals are actually profiting from medical errors harming patients. It also tells the painful but the truth about some healthcare institutions making money at the expense of neglecting and killing older patients!

If you want to survive your next hospital stay, get a copy of this Ebook. Be an educated consumer! Educate yourself and loved ones about what to look for while you are at the hospital. The system is designed to make money at your expense.


It was never designed to protect the patients. Many special interests are fighting against quality improvement regulations so the healthcare institutions can continue to make money while killing people. This book teaches and empowers you about steps to look for in the process of treatment, and different actions you need to take in case of any mishaps.



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How to Prevent the Spread of Ebola – Kindle Edition - $9.95

Yinka Vidal, BS. MA. H.ASCP, a medical researcher, and Former Research Fellow from the Department of Pharmacology, University of Lagos College of Medicine, Lagos, has written a new book about Ebola and infection control strategies.

The book is designed to educate healthcare professionals about Ebola pathogenesis, immunopathology, progressive cell cytotoxicity, treatment, and infection prevention strategies. In the past few months, national anxiety about Ebola infection has increased as reported by headline news due to public concern. Today, the fear of Ebola has subsided due to the decrease in the number of infected patients in the U.S.

However, the nation should not let down its guard because of the decreased number of Ebola infections. Any unsuspecting healthcare facility may receive an Ebola-infected patient. The key is to know the symptoms, be able to identify patients, isolate such patients, administer early and effective treatment, and to prevent the spread of Ebola by contact tracing. The book also discuss an elaborate approach to prevent the spread of nosocomial infections in hospitals and Healthcare facilities.




Other Books by the Author

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Finding Peace in the Storms – Kindle Edition - $2.99

Death for a Christian should never be a sad event, but a very joyful celebration of undressing from the physical body and putting on the garment of praise. Jesus already gained victory for us over death. The reason why many people are still weeping at the graveside is either because of the events preceding the physical death of the body, selfishness of human desire to pull back the loved ones, or the lack of knowledge of the joy that lies ahead in the realm of God. How many times do people weep while going on vacation because of the excitements ahead? If the answer is negative, why are people sad when facing the journey out of this world to experience the greatest glory and wonders of God man is yet to see on the other side of human existence?

I was teaching a Bible class prior to church service when this lady, a retired school teacher, looked at me and said, "What you just said pierced me in the soul, as if it was meant directly for me." I was a little bewildered. I could not even remember what I said during the Bible class that touched her heart. Later, some other people said something similar to me. They claimed my words were as if the Lord was speaking to them through me. I was only teaching the Bible class and did not have an idea what these people were saying. I was thinking women sometimes become more emotional about issues of discussion. Later, a couple of male pastors came to my Bible class at different times, and each of them said similar things regarding being touched by the message from the Bible class. The message was not from me, rather from the heart of the Holy Spirit.

In my spiritual journey, I realize that the Lord will open people’s mouth to speak his words. So, I was no different. At times I could not understand where the words were coming from. They were just following through my mouth. I remember Jesus said to his disciples that they should not anticipate what they would say when they were brought before judges. He said the Holy Spirit would speak through them. Although I was not before judges, I believe the Holy Spirit can speak through people as a message to touch the lives of others. I also believe there are some people in life who can easily be influenced by your soul tie to them. It’s like a soul-to-soul connection when the words you speak out tend to touch their hearts more easily than others. I have had to witness too many tears of women after praying for them. These people will be attracted to your soul, leading to a soul tie for reasons I’m unable to explain. Pastors however, need to be very careful and not confuse this with romantic attraction. This is a spiritual connection inside human soul. The objective of such anointing is to serve others.   

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Closer Walk to Jesus – Kindle Edition $3.99

When I first started experiencing regular visitations from my Lord Jesus around 1996, I did not have an idea what was happening to me. Those visitations were in form of "the Voice" giving me instructions. In hindsight, I realized I had been having visitations from the time I was in primary school. However, they were not as constant. I started to notice the visitations more because of the persistence of the messages that accompanied them. I also started to grow in my walk in the Spirit of God. This helps me to be exposed to the events from the spiritual realm. Based on my own personal experiences in the Spirit, I started having very little visions here and there while I was young, as far back as my high school days. I noticed the visions tend to be accompanied by mysterious energy vibrations. The energy comes from the Holy Spirit. When I started receiving continuous messages, the first thing I noticed was the intensity of the spiritual energy inside and outside me. Throughout this book, I have described how the energy makes my whole body tremble, and the intensity can sometimes be physically uncomfortable.

After the increase in the spiritual energy, I started hearing the Voice more continuously. The Voice and the intensity of the spiritual energy tend to accompany each other. Other times, I would only feel the energy without a Voice. I have also heard the Voice without heightened energy. But when Jesus comes around, both the energy and the Voice are amplified. With increased spiritual energy and the sharp Voice came the image of Jesus displayed before me on my vision screen. One of the most intriguing experiences is to be able to see the vision screen while closing or opening my eyes. Most of the visitations by Jesus were associated with his responses to my questions. Other times he would give me instructions or lecture me, or tell me stories. These visitations come in different forms. Sometimes, I was able to have a conversation with the Lord. Other times, I was just given instructions for certain assignments. I have been in a situation where I was completely subdued by the energy of God. So far in this book, I have recorded over 25 visitations from Christ and over 120 testimonies. There was a time I was treated like a little baby. I used to throw an adult temper tantrum in the spirit when I did not understand certain things. I would complain, and immediately, "ministering spirits" would surround and lecture me. They were very nice and comforting during that period. After the period when I was treated like a little kid ended, Jesus wanted me to grow up. I started to grow up as fast as I could. I became a more mature person in the spirit. When my adult stage of training started, the training was a little harsher. I had to complain. Then, the process was softened, becoming more bearable.                                                                                BOOK ORDER


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