101 Ways to Prevent Medical Errors

Discovery Channel Press Interview of Author, Yinka Vidal and Dr. Cohen on Fixing Medical Errors

Press Interview in Pictures #4

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Above is Bill Hochauser, the site producer, in discussion with Jeffrey R. Waldman, the communication manager of Missouri Baptist Medical Center and one of the crew members looks on Dr. Max Cohen of Missouri Baptist Hospital, St. Louis MO., gets his final adjustment before the interview begins
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Yinka Vidal Making a point during the Discovery Channel elevision interview about effective strategies in fixing medical errors Yinka Vidal's final makeup adjustment prior to the onset on the television interview

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Yinka Vidal Reporting from the White House in 1999. Picture taken after the news conference Above is Holley M. Stein, Field National Event Specialist, Brentwood, Missouri for Borders Books and Yinka Vidal after the television interview

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