101 Ways to Prevent Medical Errors

                                                      Immortal Gift

Life is not about what you derive at other people's expense, or what is handed to you that you believe you surely deserve.

Life is about your contribution to make a better society.

You may never be a movie star, or win a single award.

But, your positive initiative for others with a wonderful smile will always create many positive ripple effects down the ocean of life.

Always be in relentless search for goodness and kindness to others, even when you are surrounded with so many evils.

Be a shining light in the midst of darkness, love in a world of hate, and humility in the congregation of arrogance.

Conflict will come and conflict will go, and man's emotion will be fired up as he thrives in the middle of disasters.

At the moment of heightened emotion, man is incapable or rational thinking, he is no better than an angry animal looking for a prey.

He may never be the most powerful animal, but remains the most dangerous and sometimes act as though a heartless beast.

He is always looking for chaos with his desire to dominate others less powerful, because peace sometime makes him very uncomfortable.

He always want to be a winner at all cost so he can dish out more pain to the losers.

In the middle of crisis, he ended up shortening his own life by the evil of war he has created.

No matter what evil you help to ignite, nor the good you help to create, one day, everything will stop.

When your life's journey ends, your voice will be silent, your face will grow cold, your body will remain still and your hand will stop moving.

What matters at that time is not the material things you have acquired, or the great name bestowed upon you.

In the end, what matters is your immortal gift to the world for leaving it a better place than you found it.

You have a life time to package your gift of love.  

                                                       'Yinka Vidal, author 101 Ways to Prevent Medical Errors


A lingering shadow from the darkness.......... June 19, 2002

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