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1. 101 Ways to Prevent Medical Errors, Softback: $19.95                            

2. Overcoming the Invisible Crime - A shocking biography of a lab supervisor,  softback: $9.99
3.Closer Walk with Jesus: $19.95 (special discount, $23.95 original)
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Agony of Success and the Joy of Contentment - A Shocking Story of a Nurse's Amazing Sacrifice for her Patients, authored by Marina Angelina Cardona due for release in March, 2016.

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#1003: 101 Ways to Prevent Medical Errors by 'Yinka Vidal, $42.75

As added bonus to your order a Free: Press Report after the Conference: Feb 26, 2002 - Conference on Medical Errors - Houston, Texas

Medical Error: New Study Reveals the Real Facts on Why Medical Error Continues

Press Report: October 31, 2003


#1001: Overcoming the Invisible Crime by 'Yinka Vidal - $19.95

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1. The Manager's Workshop on How to Prevent Medical Errors.

2. Setting a Conducive Atmosphere for an Error Reduction Program.

3. Hints to Physicians About Their Roles in Preventing Medical Errors.

4. Prevention of Criminal Prosecution of Physicians and Health Care Workers Due to Medical Errors.

5. Important Steps to Prevent Medication Errors.  6. Processes of Phlebotomy and Specimen Collection.

Join the Chicago Conference on the Prevention of Medical Errors - - - June1 2004.

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