Let Christ lead the Way 

Lead me Lord,

Lead me in thy righteousness,

Make thy way plain before my face.

 For it is thou Lord,

Thou Lord only,

That maketh me dwell, in safety

 The Divinity of Christ

 Teach us thy way O’ Lord,

When we trust in our strength, that’s when we fail,

When we hope to stand alone without thee, that’s when we fall,

When we believe only in our knowledge, that’s when we show our ignorance,

Have mercy upon us O’Lord.


Teach us to humble ourselves before thee,

Everything we do is through thy strength,

Every food we eat is through thy glory,

Everything we own is through thy blessing,

Everything we hope to do, we learn to ask for thy Grace.


We may not help the plant to grow, but we can sow the seed,

We may not have the power to heal, but we can help in the healing process,

We may not be the light, but we can help the light to shine,

We may not be the Shepard, but we can help keep the sheep,

We may not hate anybody, but we must let love continue to grow,

We may never be in the dark, but we must bring others to light.


Lord, make us the vessel of thy love and peace,

Let us teach others how to love and not hate,

Teach us to have compassion for those that are less fortunate,

Help us to discover our weaknesses so we can discover strength,

Teach us to replace our arrogance with humility,

Our mission is to serve you by serving others in need.   ………..  Amen


Prayer composition by 'Yinka Vidal

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