Medical Errors Report #20

A Four-Year Solution Implementation Study

Behavior Modification Professionals Are Needed in Hospitals

Behavior modification facilitated by trained professionals should be introduced into health-care institutions to help workers more easily make changes from the old ways. Many health-care workers are struggling with changes, but there are no processes or support system to help them adjust. The process of change can be very stressful for some employees especially the older ones. To meet the challenges of the future, health-care is going to remain a constantly changing industry. In this study, resistance to change has been noted as one of the greatest obstacles to the solution implementation phase.

 Traumatized Health-care Workers Need Professional Help

In addition to the need for behavior modification, health-care workers are constantly traumatized by their experiences while working with difficult patients, obnoxious managers, and uncooperative coworkers. The trauma of patient death resulting from medical errors causes some health-care workers to quit their jobs. Most of the studies on medical errors center on the harm done to patients, but not too many studies are concerned with the traumatic effects of errors on health-care workers or the abuse they have to endure while doing their work.