101 Ways to Prevent Medical Errors by Author, Yinka Vidal

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101 Ways to Prevent Medical Errors

Synopsis #1: Introduction and Chapter 1

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101 Ways to Prevent Medical Errors

by V. 'Yinka Vidal, BS. MA. H.ASCP.


From the daily frontline battle of those in direct contact with patients - these are the diligent workers on the bloody highways fighting to save lives!

As health care professionals, the issue of medical errors has always been of great concern to us. The Institute of Medicine report of December 1999 on medical errors added an increase awareness to the scope of the problems. Many of the health care institutions are presently struggling with how to evaluate the problems and how to implement solutions. 101 Ways to Prevent Medical Errors comes to the rescue. It is a guide that is generated from a 24-year observation study on medical errors. This report does not analyze medical errors like others are doing, but offers solutions needed to solve problems. It does not attack any institution, but is designed as a working guide to prevent medical errors from occurring. Over 100 potential sources of medical errors are discussed emphasizing preventions and solutions. These include those situations from the high-risk areas such as the laboratory, nursing, pharmacy, surgery, etc. It is not based on a conjectural or philosophical discussion, but straight answers from years of studying those working in direct contact with patients. The author with over 30 years of experience in this industry digs into the root causes of systemic problems and the resultant medical errors for answers!

This book also includes the result of a 24-month observation study on how to identify root causes leading to medical errors, ways to identify systemic problems, processes of designing and implementing solutions and the strategy to evaluate the outcome of solutions. The primary mission of the book is to save lives by preventing medical errors!


Lack of action is going to be very costly for an institution or a medical professional in the future. The book discusses the latest outcome of medical errors and the painful implications to some institutions. Years ago, health care institutions and health care professionals only worried about civil litigation and giant awards by angry jurors due to malpractice lawsuits. Today, the worries of health care providers have multiplied. In this report, the author discusses other serious implications of medical errors. These include the reasons why some health care professionals including hospital administrators, physicians, nurses, etc may be facing criminal prosecution. The book discusses how to prevent such situations from happening by reducing legal liability and criminal negligence to the error of human imperfection. This is not a joking matter; it is time to take this issue of medical errors very seriously!  

 The outline and synopsis of each chapter:

Chapter 1

Anatomy of Medical Errors: A 24 Year Odyssey - - - The Whipping Rod

The first part of the chapter briefly discusses a few cases of medical errors and how they can be prevented. It gives a history of situations which brought about the increase in medical errors with the hope of making the reader understand how the problems started in the first place. Once the root causes of the problems are understood, it becomes easier to find solutions and also to prevent similar problems in the future. This chapter not only discusses a few aspects of patient's tragedies, but also discusses the tragedies of some health care workers as well.


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