Synopsis 6

101 Ways to Prevent Medical Errors

by Yinka Vidal

Synopsis # 6: Chapter 16 - 19

Chapter 16

Nurturing Human Emotions and the Processes of Self-Healing

Previous chapter deals with the biochemistry of stress and migraine headaches. This chapter will outline the processes of nurturing human emotions and the therapy of self-healing from hurt. It includes healing through the power of our own spirituality. Most management books will not deal with this issue, it is too private and too personal. But, we always experience the result of emotional imbalance in the decisions made by managers everyday. After seeing a lot of hostility on the job with health care workers, it will be inhumane not to include this chapter. This section outlines the processes of self-healing through self-nurturing. It also discusses breaking through the gate of depression into the door of serenity and peace including the Seven Basic Levels of Healing From Emotional Trauma (Hurt)

Chapter 17

Tips on the Essentials of Phlebotomy: Process of Proper Blood Collection, Identification and Transportation

Specimen collection is one of the dangerous areas, which needs more education since some of those assigned to do this job may not have acquired traditional training in phlebotomy. I have decided to add this chapter after seeing problems of specimen collection in hospitals where blood collection has shifted from the laboratory to the nursing department. This section is not written so as to replace anything in chapter seven. It is however designed to stress and highlight critical issues about phlebotomy and specimen collection to prevent patient disaster. The chapter discusses over 100 tips of effective phlebotomy and specimen collection without a mix up.

Chapter 18

How to Prevent Medication Errors

This chapter discusses a break down of eight stages before a medication is given to a patient and how errors can be prevented in any of these stages. It outlines common sources of medication errors and how they can be prevented.

Chapter 19

Transfusion Reactions

David Kessler, M.D. former chief of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), estimated that thousands of fatal transfusion episodes are undetected and unreported each year in the United States. His statement was supported by the American Journal of Clinical Pathology in April 1997 which stated that more patients die each year in the U.S. from receiving the wrong type of blood than having contracted the HIV virus through blood transfusions. In respect of these facts, it is important to highlight the clinical aspects and manifestations of transfusion reaction symptoms so they can be detected and treated to reduce fatalities.

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